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Photo Booth Hire

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We are very pleased to say we have partnered with Vintage Photo Booth Hire company, Booth19. We hire beautifully crafted vintage photo booths to a variety of events in Surrey and further afield in the UK. From our vintage photo booths' designs to the backdrops we provide, every aspect of our service is unique and has been designed to give the wow factor within any venue. Our vintage photo booths are "open air" meaning that there are no walls, and this allows more people to fit into each photo!

Regardless of which of our vintage photo booths you choose, they each come with a box full of props, unlimited printed photos & an attendant to ensure everyone knows how to use our service. We promise to keep your guests entertained throughout your event. We have worked hard to create vintage photo booths that earn compliments at every event we visit. Our setup will become the centrepiece of your event, adding a dash of nostalgic glamour to your rooms interior.

At every event we attend, the vintage photo booth quickly becomes the heart of the party. Guests gravitate around the vintage photo booth, carefully picking their props, choreographing their next pose and eventually being photographed. With a feature receiving this much attention, it is always been important to us that a vintage photo booth should be an impressive focal point.

How To Book Your Vintage Photo Booth

If you are interested in hiring a vintage photo booth for your own event, you can find more information and booking details by clicking on this link here and you will be directed to the Booth19 website to book your vintage photo booth!